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December 13, 2011 Board Meeting Minutes


Chairman David Hardtke posted three notices of tonight’s meeting.
Attending: Chairman David Hardtke, Supervisor Steve Tadisch, Ken Paplham, Clerk Linda Sinkula, Treasurer Pat Wotachek, Constable Dustin Smidle, and Zoning Administrator Dustin Smidle. Others Present: DeAnn LeBotte, Larry and Jackie Ostermeier, Scott Beining and Francis Wojta.
Meeting called to order by the Chairman at 7:00 P.M. in the Town hall.
MINUTES of the Regular Monthly Board Meeting of November 8, 2011 along with Special Meeting November 28 and Minutes from Budget Hearing were handed out. Ken Paplham made a motion to accept as stated. David Hardtke seconds this motion. Motion carried.
LICENSE: A motion was made by Ken Paplham to approve the Beer/Wine License for the Carlton Hunting & Fishing for January 7, 2012 at Agriculture Heritage Farm. Steve Tadisch seconded this motion. Motion Carried.
SURVEY MAP: A Motion was made by Ken Paplham to approve the survey map for Laurence & Jackie Ostermeier. Steve Tadisch seconded this motion. Motion Carried.
DeAnn LeBotte: Asked questions of the board about how the permit was issued for the Full of Hope Animal Shelter.
SCOTT BEINING: Scott brought in the new Building Inspector Service Contract for 2012-2013for approval. Wasn’t on agenda will put on agenda for next meeting.
TREASURERS REPORT: Clerk read report in the absence of treasure. Balance as of November 30, 2011 is $814,710.21 Board thanked the treasurer for report.
FIRE DEPARTMENT: Francis Wojta reported that the Fire Fighter donated five pagers to the department. The Department at this time had fifteen miniature fives.
ZONING: Dorothy Stangel-deck.
PLAN COMMISSION & ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS: Mark Schmeling and Bret Ritz want to step down and from the Plan Commission. New appoints are Jason Walechka and Brian Wavrunek. Zoning Board of Appeals Tom Stangel will step down and the new appointment is Mike VanGoethem. Ken Paplham made a motion to appoint with a second being made by Steve Tadisch. Motion carried. These are for a three year term.
FIRST RESPONDERS: Steve stated that the Department sent in there Renewal License.
VOTING MACHINES: There was a presentation given at the Kewaunee County Unit on voting machines. The Town of Carlton will go on record stating that they agree to go with one of each of the machines that were presented.
BILLS: A motion made by Steve Tadisch to pay bills. Ken Paplham seconds this motion. Motion carried.
A motion made by Steve Tadisch at 9:05 P.M. to adjourn. Ken Paplham seconds this motion. Motion carried.

Linda Sinkula-Clerk


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